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New Wine Bottle Lamp Etsy Listings

New Wine Bottle Lamp Etsy Listings I’m happy to say, there are finally new wine bottle lamp listings. They’ve been ready for more than a month, but I finally managed to get them up on Etsy. These four are some of my favorites. I decided to go ahead and sell the one with the lily […]


Cardigan I made this cardigan last week in a very loose sweater knit. It’s nice, but I wanted something a little more opaque. I decided to make my second try of the Lekala Pattern No. 5867 in a rayon spandex jersey knit. The material is 96% rayon and 4% spandex. I think it looks great! […]

Flowing Tunic

Flowing Tunic This tunic pattern is another one I’ve had sitting around in a folder for about a year. After finishing my leather skirt around 4:30 Sunday morning (which I’ll detail more in a later post), I knew I needed something to wear with it to work today. I had spent a few nights last […]