About Melissa

Melissa Michaelson

Hi all! My name is Melissa and I live in lovely Erie, Pennsylvania. Not so lovely right now, but about four days a year, it’s great. I am a fan of all things DIY and handmade, but I consider sewing to really be my first and greatest love. I began sewing in 2010 and I’m self-taught. I started out with a cheap Brother machine to see if I would like it, and I’m now up to five machines. My experience in sewing really gave me the confidence to try other things. Now I paint, make wine bottle lamps, and dabble in photography.

I started The Days of My Wine in 2011 as a creative outlet for my projects and forays into photography. After a few years, I realized that I wanted and needed to find a more professional stage, so I created C & B Designs as another host to my projects. My sewing hobby soon turned into alterations for friends and my handmade gifts became items in my Etsy store. It became difficult to post in both places and still have enough time to keep up with other social media. At the end of 2015, I merged both my websites into one to make it easier to share the things I love.

Today, I blog about everything from sewing clothing to remodeling my house. You can never be quite sure what you’ll see me do. Two things are for sure…it will always be interesting and likely involve wine. 🙂

Thanks for stopping.

Questions about sponsorship may be sent to melissa@mellynndesigns.com.